Leaf It To Me Gardening In Southland

IMG_7269Leaf It To Me Gardening may be new to Southland, but we are certainly not new to taking care of gardens of all shapes and sizes. We have been in the gardening business for over 10 years, so we certainly know what we’re doing.

So how can Leaf It To Me Gardening help you? Well, if it needs to be done in the garden, we can handle it: lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, new garden design, pruning… even shelter belt establishment. We operate throughout the Southland and Invercargill area, offering our gardening and lawn care services to commercial and residential customers.

Right now, we’re all waiting for the first signs of spring. What with all the mud from the very wet winter, it’s not the best time right now to mow lawns (not that the grass is growing much at this stage) but it is a good time to start thinking about the new gardening year ahead. Possibly, you’ve taken the chance to go outside with the slightly longer days and slightly better weather we’ve been having lately and you’ve seen how shabby the garden has got over winter. Or else you might have decided that this is the year to really get started with a vegetable garden. Right now, it’s time to prepare new garden beds and deciding what flowers you’d like to establish in your garden.  It’s definitely time to do a good clean-up so everything’s ready for the new season.

If you want a hand in your garden, whether it’s new or old, get in touch with us at mcfoster.leafittome@gmail.com at any time!


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