November Ramblings


Southland has had such a wonderful winter and spring that all the gardens are looking very healthy and full of spring colour.  Particularly of note have been the tulip and daffodil displays around the district.

With the flush of new spring growth, things have been quite busy here at Leaf It To Me.  Various jobs that have recently been completed have been things like creating new garden beds, re-barking garden beds to freshen things up again, setting up some new vegetable plots and lots of weeding, mowing of lawns and pruning of hedges.

One thing that seems to be apparent with some of the garden beds is that if maintenance in the garden has lapsed for any lengthy period, the weeds set in and can take over.  If your garden has gotten too far out of hand because of the busy lifestyle you lead, don’t hesitate to give us a call and get the extra help you need in the garden.

Sometimes plants get a little tired and garden beds lose their shape.  If this is you, then how about discussing with us what plants might be good as part of a new garden design.  Get in touch with us at  There is nothing like a specially designed garden to really set off your property.

November is a time of the year that has the gardener working busily on many tasks.  Mowing lawns regularly is important, and as the weather becomes hotter it’s important to remember to raise the blades a bit to avoid stressing out the grass too much.  Now is still a good time to feed and weed the lawn.  Get in touch if you need help with this.

Hoeing and weeding as often as possible is necessary through these late spring and early summer months.  This is essential for a happy and healthy looking garden.  Mulching around plants is also timely now in preparation for the upcoming drier months of summer.  Keep an eye out for fungal diseases, and don’t forget to protect your veggie garden bed from snail and slug attacks!

Cheers Bruce


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